Project overview

The purpose of the project is the strengthening of Human Resources Management in higher education institutions and the development of innovative self-assessment tools for benchmarking Human Resources Management.

The Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education is the project leader of the project HRMinHEI co-funded by the Erasmus + programme, in partnership with higher education institutions from Croatia and Europe: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences University of Rijeka and University College Algebra from Croatia, Danube University Krems from Austria and University of Tampere from Finland.

General objectives:

  • To increase HEIs’ global competitiveness by improving their efficiency and effectiveness through enhancement of their organizational development
  • To encourage and improve HEIs’ contribution to economic growth and social development by enhancing the quality and relevance of human capital development in higher education.
  • To stimulate excellence of European HEIs staff through appropriate academic human resources management.
  • To foster further development of EHEA by adding to existing communication channels and mutual exchange of sound practices.

The project started in September 2016 and will last until September 2018.