Attila Pausits

attila pausitsDr. habil. Attila Pausits, PhD is head of the Centre for Educational Management and Higher Education Development. He joined Danube University Krems in 2000 and was responsible as course director for many national and international postgraduate master programmes, currently being the academic director of the Erasmus Mundus Master Course “Research and Innovation in Higher” Msc. He has been the project co-ordinator of an Erasmus curriculum development initiative developing a master programme on “Higher Education Management and Development” (EHEMD). Furthermore, he has been working in many international and EU funded projects like E3M, Morems, MODERN etc. He is an expert in higher education management, specialising in third mission, regional development and continuing education. Dr. Pausits is the vice-chairman of EAIR – The European Higher Education Society. Attila Pausits holds a doctoral degree from the University of Flensburg (D) and a post-doctoral qualification (habilitation) from the Western Hungarian University (H).


Roland Humer

Roland Humer, MA is course director of DUK’s MSc programme in Higher Education and Research Management as well as acting director of the MA in Educational Management, shaping the learning experience of 50+ working students. Roland Humer looks back on a 10+ years career in university management. He has been involved in numerous international projects, among them the EU Twinning project “Strengthening Institutional Capacity for Quality Assurance”, the EU NSA-LA project “Teachers – Agents of Change”, and the EU Twinning project “Legal Education System Reform” at the University of Prishtina Law Faculty, which included the development of labour-market relevant master programmes. Roland Humer has studied international business in Vienna (AT), Naples (IT) and Zagreb (HR), and holds a master’s in Balkan studies from the University of Vienna.


Florian Reisky

florian reiskyFlorian Reisky is a senior academic staff member at the Centre for Educational Management and Higher Education Development. Florian Reisky has been one of the driving forces to design and develop the master’s programme “Educational Management MA” shaping the learning experience of 100+ working students. Earlier, he had gained experience in curriculum development as guest lecturer of the University of Tuzla (BH). Florian Reisky has been involved in various international projects in the field of higher education development (former Lifelong Learning Programme, Tempus, etc.). For the Erasmus Mundus Master Course “Research and Innovation in Higher”, he has taken over coordinating functions. Florian Reisky is currently working on his doctoral degree which tackles the challenges of career developments of non-academic staff at HEIs.


Mihaela Rozman

Mihaela Rozman, MA is a junior academic staff member at DUK’s Centre for Educational Management and Higher Education Development. She has experience in Youth in Action multilateral projects, and in representation and coordination of associations under the umbrella of SOU LJ. Mihaela Rozman has managed relations with business partners of the 2015 EAIR Forum, i.e. Europe’s largest conference on higher education management. Currently, she works with prospective and current students as well as alumni of the Erasmus+ Master Course “Research and Innovation in Higher Education” Msc. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International relations and a master’s in Sociology (management), both from the University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Social Sciences. Her master thesis dealt with societal and EU policy changes in management of psychosocial risks in organizations, with a case study of Austrian HEI.


Barbara Auer

Barbara Auer is an administrative assistant at the Department for Academic Continuing Education and Educational Management. She has a 10+ year experience in managing study programs and academic projects, both in research and development. Barbara Auer holds a degree in special education from the Ecclesial Teacher-Training College Krems.