Zoran Sušanj

zoran susanjZoran Sušanj is associate professor at the Department of Psychology. His expertise is in the field of organizational psychology and organizational development. He has published scientific and professional papers and books in the broader field of work and organizational psychology and human resources management. He works as a consultant in various organizations in solving their practical problems in the field of human resource development. Recently cooperates in introducing strategic management and human resource development at the University of Rijeka.


Jasminka Ledić

jasminka ledicJasminka Ledić is a full professor with tenure employed at the Department of Education. She has published twelve scientific monographs and a number of research and professional papers in the area of education, individually or as a co-author. Her research interests are related to higher education, the European dimension in education, history of education and civil society. She has led and participated in several research projects on the international and national level. She is currently head of the project “Academic Profession Competencies Framework: Between New Requirements and Possibilities” (APROFRAME) funded by Croatian Science Foundation.


Marko Turk

marko turakMarko Turk is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Education. In his PhD thesis “Academic Profession Competencies Profile” he attempts to answer to the question what are the competencies academics need at the start of their senior academic career. He has participated in several international and national research projects. His research interests are related to academic profession, higher education, the European dimension in education and competencies in education. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the Association for the Development of Higher Education "Universitas".


Ana Jakopec

ana jakopecAna Jakopec, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in work and organizational psychology at the Department of psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Osijek, J. J. Strossmayer University of Osijek. Her Ph.D. thesis “Effects of (mis)alignment between organizational, supervisory and peer justice climate” was obtained within the project “Determinants and effects of organizational (in) justice” funded by the University of Rijeka. Her research and professional interest includes the effects of organizational justice on the employees’ attitudes and behaviors in organizations, as well as on the systems of ensuring and improving the quality of higher education.