After you have completed the survey, your Report will look like this:





A closer look at the graph reveals an analysis of the results:





Here you can see the distribution of the answers among the data in the database. For example, 1% of participants didn’t know, or couldn’t answer if HR strategy in their institutions is formulated a collegial way, while 15,8% strongly disagree with this statement, etc.

Vertical line of 0% shows the arithmetic mean of all answers, but you can see this number also on the right side of the graph (Avg. 3,3).

If you look at the bars, you can see if the answers were predominantly positive or negative. For example, the first bar has predominantly negative answers, while the second bar has predominantly positive answers. This can also be observed by checking the colours: negative responses are highlighted in red, and positive responses in green colour.

Your score is recorded on the right side of the graph: My answer: Agree (3). You can compare your answer with the average.


What to do next?

If you are determined to improve HR processes in your institution, this research can help you in identifying areas where current status in your institution is below, in line or above the average results. This can give you an idea on where to start.

Also, items represent a good roadmap for planning activities that can improve a particular process, e.g. if it is necessary to improve HR strategy and planning, and the result of my institution is below average on the item „HR strategy is formulated in a collegial way (bottom up)”, then I should think about creating a process that will involve more employees in this process.

As part of this project, materials that can help in the process of improving human resource management on High education institutions, such as Overview of recent European and national policies in regards to HRM in HEIs within European Higher Education Area, or Guidelines for Human Resources Management (HRM) at higher education institutions, have been created, and you can find them on this page under Project results section.